January 29, 2024

⚡Dispatch 06 - Keep Swimming: 3, 2, 1

Yo Stoked Dad,

It’s that time of the week: to recharge, reflect, be present.

1. My oldest is in swim classes, which is stretching us in different ways. The classes are loosely structured and taught by a passive teen, also pushing me to learn patience. I find myself giving Hannah words I wish I heard as a kid, and honestly wish I hear now. It’s a funny tension between pushing her out of her comfort zone and not stressing her out. I want to help her learn how to overcome the obstacles she’ll face. So the message for both of us these days is “you just have to try.”

1. One of my favorite dad things is documenting the little phrases and convos with Hannah. Yesterday, she was so excited to give me my birthday gift she ran up and said “Dada do you want your new coffee cup now? I got it for you!”, before my wife actually handed me the wrapped mug. It’s the little ways she pronounces words: like “shuore” instead of “sure”. One day she’ll pronounce the words like we all do, she’ll stop giving away what the gifts are, and I want a space I can go back to remember these amazing little moments.

1. I never realized, pre-kids, just how much change management is involved, daily. We bought Hannah her first school backpack the other day. Transitions from daycare to preschool, from cribs to big kid beds, from diapers to tiny potties, to the actual big kid potty. It’s this endless series of changes. How we communicate and manage these transitions matters; I hope I’m patient, empathetic, and keep the energy up for the kids.

“And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.”

- John Steinbeck

Be stoked my friend,


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