January 29, 2024

⚡Dispatch 09 - Be Patient: 3, 2, 1

Hey Stoked Dad,

Welcome to Sunday - here’s to good coffee, slow mornings, and another week of being Stoked.

1. Our oldest is 2 weeks into pre-school. New rhythms and routines. New challenges for all of us. Just when I feel like I’ve “mastered” one phase of parenthood, we enter new seasons. It’s a constant lesson in patience: for myself and my daughters.

1. I’m behind, like very behind on life/to-do lists. I missed my writing window two weeks ago for this newsletter. Chores are pilled up (my backyard looks awful right now). I haven’t read more than 80 pages in the last few weeks. Being a stoked dad, at least to me, means that I’ll get behind in order to keep the family healthy and fulfilled. We have to make choices: choices between going to the park or having some alone time to read. I’m learning deeper patience for myself regarding my to-do list.

1. I’m constantly proud of my daughters. The oldest is an endless source of joy and pride. She did something last week at pre-school that I can’t help but share with everyone. Despite her own fear and insecurity with school, she comforted and played with new kids who were struggling in the classroom. The teachers told us how she told them to take big breaths (something we work on together), that their parents would be right back after nap time, and that she’d play with them. This little human of ours cared for other little humans. How freaking cool is that!?

“You become what you give your attention to.”

— Epictetus

Be stoked my friend,


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