January 28, 2024

⚡Dispatch 02 - We Must Choose

Every 'yes' is a 'no' to something else. Every decision we make, every action, cuts off an infinite number of possibilities.I wasn't prepared for the volume of logistics and decisions a parent makes in a day. Small decisions around clothing, diapers, what formula to buy, what to feed them for dinner. Large decisions like pediatricians, dentists, which schools to choose, what to do about that persistent cold.I wasn't prepared for the guilt I felt, at times, when I chose empty distractions over playing with Hannah because I wanted to 'zone out' after a long day.We have to make choices nearly every second of the day; all 86,400 of them. Every 'yes' is a 'no' to something else.'Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.' - GoetheThat's why we need to be intentional.Being present is the first principle of a stoked dad. But we have to choose to be present.We can't be stoked dads, present dads, or even good dads without being intentional.I have to choose, daily, where I spend my time, energy, and focus. I have to choose to put away meaningless distractions so that I can fully embrace the present with my daughters. I will never regret extra belly laughs from Hannah while we play "fall down" (a made up game where she tackles me). I'll never regret the extra hugs, and cuddles, from a growing human who in a few years won't want those anymore. That's what matters most to me, soaking up that time, not scrolling instagram stories.Maybe intentionality starts with a better daily plan, so that we prioritize what matters most. Maybe it's asking 'what matters most to me' every morning to orient ourselves around the choices we must make. Maybe it's choosing to remove distractions for a period of time so we can fully immerse ourselves with our families.Intentionality is foundational for being present and being a stoked dad.I'd love to hear how you're intentional with your kids or plan to be if they haven't arrived yet!

Be stoked my friend,Kris

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