January 28, 2024

⚡Dispatch 04 - 3 Ideas, 1 Rec, 1 Quote

Yo Stoked Dad,

I liked this shorter format from last week, trying it again. Let me know how you like it!

  1. Change is the only constant. So trite and cliche but every day as a Dad, I feel that maxim. My oldest daughter “graduated” to a big kid bed. It means we’ll never put her in her crib again; whole new routines, and the end of others. I feel this tension of joy and a soft mourning constantly as a father. I’m beyond stoked for her, and can’t help but feel the sands of time slipping through my hand. It’s a wild feeling.
  2. As soon as the kids are settled asleep, I feel my mind almost shutoff. I crave the sweet dopaminergic distractions of my phone, only to be left feeling hallow near my own bed time. I’m trying to build my mental endurance by putting my phone away and picking up a book even for a 10-20 mins. How we care for our minds and cultivate our quiet time affects how great we can be as dads.
  3. Highlight of the week with the girls: going to a swimming pool all together. My wife and I had to swap who watched our newborn, which led to us laying on the grass starring at the trees together.  The sun was entering it’s golden hour, the trees lightly moving, and our youngest was wide awake starring at me and the world above. It was stillness embodied. What was your dad highlight?

“There is no past and no future; no one has ever entered those two imaginary kingdoms. There is only the present.”

  • Leo Tolstoy

If you’re a new-ish dad or soon to be and need a “diaper bag” (which you definitely will), I love this Topo Crossbody Bag. I can easily fit diapers, wipes, snacks, and bottles all while not looking like a goober with a real diaper back.

Be stoked my friend,


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